Sunday 11th August  2019

 6pm Pats Cafe

 Agenda for Rawai Wednesday Pool League


 Introduction: Barry previous papers circulated.

 This league needs needs an organising committee to plan and administrate: matches, funds, players, scoring and schedules.

 Proposed:  The  Rawai Wednesday Pool League committee shall consist of  Chair, Secretary, Treasureand and 2 additional members, all elected by a formal meeting of a minimum of 5 teams. I team I vote.

 Nominations and voting to take place at the meeting on August 11th 


Item 1. †††††††††† Election of Committee



 Treasurer/IT Website:

 Team representatives (2)

 Those elected will take up their roles immediately

Item 2. IIt is proposed that the next season  begins on Wednesday 11th September .

Item 3. Membership: 8 teams are a minimum requirement, 10 would be ideal. The following teams have (we think!) confirmed their interest: Black Bull , Black Pearl I, Black Pearl II, Cosmo Bar, Pats Cafe, Lulu.  We therefore need to find a further 2 or more. Teams to approach/ask: 

Item 4. Fees: A registration fee is needed from each team to cover - website, trophies, food & drink at end of season party + incidental expenses (printing, paper etc). Decision needed ฿1k 2k 3 k???

Item 5. Matches: will be played under International Rules (available on the website); the following proposal needs to be debated amended or agreed.

 Proposed: Matches will consist of 4 rounds of 4 single frames and two beer legs.

 10 points awarded to the winner of each frame and losers scoring for balls potted. The total for the first 2 rounds will be added and the losers team pay ฿400 towards the winnerís drinks. This is repeated for the third and fourth round.


The 2 beers legs will then be scored in the same way as above, and the scores added to the overall 4 round total to determine the overall winning team for the evening.The overall losers pay ฿400 towards the winnerís drinks.

Item 6. Handicaps: A decision needs to be agreed on: either

 an individual handicap based upon the grade of a player (determined as far as possible on the grades from last season and other available statistical data); a one ball per frame advantage being given to the lower graded for each grade difference.


teams comprise 2  A or B players plus 2 lower graded players.

 Item 7. Rules and regulations

The proposed Rules and Regulations of the Rawai Wednesday Pool League is tabled for teams and members to examine and amend prior to the start of the season.

 It may be necessary to call a further meeting of the League operators to agree the final wording of this document.


Item 8.  Any other business:





Date and time of next meeting: