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Rawai Wednesday Pool League

Wednesday, 28.08.2018                      -    Minutes    -


John, Chairman (Black Pearl 2)

Serge, (Black Bull)

Barry, Secretary (Black Pearl 1)

Dave, (Black Pearl 1)
Shoe, (Pat’s Cafe)

Tommi, (Cosmo Bar)

Rainier, Scorer/Website (Black Pearl 2)
Gilles, (Lulu Bar)


John…   Resignation

  1. Presented a written notice that he is not prepared to continue as chairman through lack of support from other members.
  2. Also included in the notice was a notice that Rainier will not continue as treasurer but will continue his work on the website.
  3. John then left the meeting, he was thanked for his hard work so far, and I would like to reiterate my apology to both John and Rainier for the lack of support.

Serge…  Committee Roles

  1. Given the resignation, Serge talked about the structure and the need for written roles and duties.

Shoe…  Continuation

  1. With attendees, of all current teams present, he asked if we should continue.  This was voted with all in favour.

Rainier…  Website and Scores

  1. Happy to continue as a committee member in role as scorer and webmaster.

Serge....  Voting Regulation and Budget

  1. Proposed the league have regulations for voting.
  2. Budget proposal - how entry fees are dispersed.
  3. Contacts (already on website under team registration)

Shoe…  Contact

  1. As all current members are on messenger, this should be used as the quickest way of contacting representatives of the teams

Dave….  Grading

  1. Set up a grading committee, discussion about new players etc

Rainier…  Beer Leg scores

  1. Asked if we wanted to have separate beer leg rankings - unanimously agreed

Tommi…  Postpone for one week

  1. A proposal to postpone the commencement of the league until Wednesday 18th September 2019 - unanimously agreed

Shoe…  New team

  1. Dilligaf have confirmed that they will join the new league

Dave… Get more teams

  1. Dave asked whether we could post on Monday’s RPL facebook to ask if any new teams would like to join.
  2. I will ask Richard

Shoe…  New team

  1. Hannes from Black Panthers will notify us shortly whether they would like to join.

Action Items

  1. Decide if we want a new chairman and vote at the next meeting.
  2. Elect a new treasurer
  3. Write written roles and duties
  4. Decide how the budget is to be dispersed eg. what prizes/trophies/party budget/web costs/stationery costs etc
  5. Grading of players
  6. Confirm new teams

Next Meeting Agenda Items

The above action items will be discussed and decided at the next meeting.


The next meeting was agreed that it will take place at Pat’s cafe next Wednesday, 4th September, 2019