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Rawai Wednesday Pool League

Wednesday, 4.09.2019                        -    Minutes    -


Serge, (Black Bull)

Barry, Secretary (Black Pearl 1)

Dave, (Black Pearl 1)
Shoe, (Pat’s Cafe)

Lum, (Hawaii Bar)

Mon, (Hawaii Bar)

Rainier, Scorer/Website/Treasurer (Black Pearl 2)
Gilles, (Lulu Bar)

Bob, (Dilligaf)

Rhys, (Dilligaf)

Oi, (Dilligaf)

Michi, (Pat’s Cafe)


New Teams… Dilligaf and Hawaii

  1. Dilligaf, represented by Bob and Rhys  attended the meeting to confirm their entry to the Rawai Wednesday Pool League.  Welcome and thank you for joining
  2. Hawaii Bar, represented by Lum and Mon, also confirmed that they will join.  Welcome and thank you

Rainier… Treasurer and payments

  1. Resumed role as treasurer.
  2. 5 teams paid entry fees of 2000 baht on the night.
  3. Reminder to Tommi (Cosmo) and Dave (Black Pearl I and II) to give Rainier entrance fees

Michi…  Chairman and Sponsorship

  1. As this is our last meeting of the season, there is no need to elect a chairman
  2. Any additional votes/decisions decided through a vote of the teams and committee
  3. Michi will talk to Simon with regards to some limited sponsorship of the league

Barry…  Budget

  1. None of the budget is to be used for prize money - unanimously passed
  2. The main part of the budget will go to the presentation party for catering/drink/trophies etc..
  3. Some for out of pocket expenses for website to Rainier and stationery/printing costs to John, as agreed at the previous meeting

Dave....  Grading

  1. A previous vote to only include three handicap grades was overturned
  2. Grading will be on 4 levels, A, B, C, D. 
  3. Captains will submit grades for their players
  4. Grades for players will be subject to change by the grading committee
  5. Grading committee will consist of Michi and Dave

Michi…  Presentation Party location

  1. A suggestion was made that the winner would be able this season’s party instead of a draw
  2. It was decided that Barry would talk to each bar independently and a vote be taken


Action Items

Vote… Party location - lucky draw or to winner

Vote to be taken by Barry

Beer Leg Tie Clarification

In the result of a tied score after the two beer leg rounds eg, 10-6, 6-10, then a third beer leg should be the decider.  This will not be included in the official score or league table.

Beer Leg Handicapping

To include the beer leg in the score fairly, a handicap for beer leg should be included.  I will chat to the bar owners to get an agreement on a fair way to implement this.