Minutes of RWPL Committee

Wednesday 14th August 19.30

@ Black Pearl


Present: John (Chair), Barry (Secretary), Rainier (Treasurer/Website), Dave (elected member)


Absent: Shoe (elected member)


The following is a summary of the discussion and decisions made,


Substitutes: The committee discussed the position regarding substitutes in relation to Pat’s Café. They were happy to make an exception given the special circumstances relating to Pat's Café as follows:


1.        to permit Pat to play for Pat’s Café 1 & and Pat’s Café 2 at home matches as appropriate

2.        her scores will count separately as they would if she moved to another team.

3.        the way in which the substitution is managed is in the hands of the owner and Captains.


With regard to the general issue of substitutes, the committee discussed their potential misuse - e.g. using them as a means of improving a teams chance of success - and will be proposing:


rule or regulation changes that outlaw artificial or misuse of substitutes


Procedure: The time consuming discussion, during much of the day, was a result of issues raised concerning the use of substitutes by Pat’s Café. The process of arriving at a decision on this matter was not aided by the unnecessary and intrusive persistence of one member who confuses his having discussed a issue with the issue having been discussed by all. The member’s abusive postings are available on the website. The committee is concerned that all matters are dealt with speedily and efficiently, but does not accept the right of individual members to see the web site as an opportunity to harass and intimidate committee members.


The committee will therefore be bringing forward proposals:


to clarify the best, most efficient and courteous ways in which matters can be raised and expedited.



Finally, to clarify the procedures - the role of the Committee is to act and make decisions between the meetings of the full League Committee, in order to ensure that business and issues can be raised and resolved without unnecessary delay.