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New Season 2020... Answer to Dave (Black Pearl)

Hi Dave,

First clarification:  I am showing this note so that the other players in the league understand my current point of view.

Two days ago you sent me a post asking me if I was ok to continue doing the scoring/Website for the RWPL league. You also told me about slightly modifying the spreadsheet by just adding a column.

So far, everything seemed quite simple, because on a spreadsheet you can add as many columns as you want, that's not the problem.

Yesterday you sent me an example of what you're planning for the new season... and now... things are not the same at all. First of all, we should spend some time together to explain to me how this new system that you want to introduce works and has nothing to do with the old one. It's hard to understand how it works without a minimum of verbal explanations.

I see that this new system would not be limited to adding a column but would force me to completely redo my spreadsheets, that is to say, start all over again almost from the beginning. 

I started making my spreadsheets last August and the time I spent on them is impressive, but I did it with pleasure.  What you see on the website (the games results, Ranking) is only a small part of the work...  

Six months later, all that work has been for nothing, about 200 hours of work for nothing.  Not very encouraging for me.

With all the problems encountered, handicap calculations, etc... I spent another 50 hours or so a few days ago, making new spreadsheets to make more logical modifications to player rankings.  No one was interested (see here:  Handicap Upgrading )

Once again, a work for nothing

Now you want to make your new system and you have no idea if it will work, if it will be suitable for players.  Before you start doing that, you should organize a few friendly meetings to test these new arrangements as we did six months ago. 

Now you're embarking on the adventure just like that, without any certainty, and I... I have to start all over again from the beginning, to start a long and imposing job again...  

Doable? Yes, of course it's doable... but spending so many hours for nothing, I'll do it once, but right now I think I've come to the end.  

I'm sorry, I can't keep up. Today you have a new idea, tomorrow it'll be another, then another... in this league that currently has no committee, the only one in place is Barry but he'll resign after the presentation night.  

So sorry, I'm abandoning ship. 

My best advice: Test your new system for an entire season (or minimun 50%) make your result sheets as simple as you can...

If the result is 100% positive, then we can consider something together, but not now.


I regret to inform you that as of today I am no longer the treasurer of RWPL.
All the funds were transferred to Barry today 14/01/2020

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